Comment des généticiens de Genève ont guéri une petite Pakistanaise quasi-aveugle

Related to the collaboration of the Pediatric research clinical platform whose nurses implemented the taurine delivery protocol to the family and the two children during 2 days.


Published in Heidi.News, 20.01.2020



Shedding light on excessive crying in babies

A. Adam-Darque, L.Freitas, F. grouiller, J. Sauser, F. Lazeyras, D. Van De Ville, P. Pollien, C.L. Garcia-Rodenas, G. Bergonzelli, P. Hüppi. R. Ha-Vinh Leuchter

Related to the pilot clinical study https://recherche-pediatrique.hug.ch/understanding-infant-s-colic-prospective-pilot-study


Published in Pediatric Research, July 2020